Celebrities Canceling Instagram. Company Trying to Defend Their Position.

Instagram is in serious trouble; their PR people are running around as if they were stung by bee. Lifestyle blogging icons Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner released a manifesto of “saying”:

– “Make Instagram Instagram Again. Stop trying to be TikTok. I just want to see cute photos of my friends”

Hundreds of miner celebrities supported the flash mob.

What’s wrong with the Kardashians’? The Celebrities completely rejected the new design of the social network in fact they were horrified by its new look:

– the interface is now like TikTok,

– deafening music comes on automatically and it’s not easy to turn it off,

– most content is TikTok re-uploads from strangers,

– excessive ads

– to come across your real friends’ post is now a rare occasion. Influencers complain that after an update, they can’t even see important posts of their friends in the feed such as wedding photos.

Please don’t underestimate the Kardashians’ family boycott: their criticism almost destroyed Snapchat recently.

Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, immediately rushed to make excuses but was not very convincing:

Why has Instagram become a video app?

– Because people like videos more than photos! Mosseri says.

– Why do we always see some strangers in the feed?

– These are not strangers. These are novice creators, whom we help to gain coverage, responds the CEO.

However, if Instagram refuses to be a social network for vacation photos, where should we post them? Only Pinterest comes to mind, but it’s not the same, and besides, it’s struggling.

In 2022 there are no popular social networks for photo content on the global digital market.

We should expect that another player will take the vacant seat soon enough.