There Is an Official “Delay” On Instagram Stories For The Desktop And It’s Free

Most digital agencies continue to use outdated tools such as SMM Planner to send stories into the future. And it’s not a good idea: such services are risky and unreliable.

Now it makes no sense to pay for them: the Zuckerberg team has updated the Meta Business Suite, the official free Instagram harvester.

Now there is a function to send stories to the future: you can download them from your computer in packs of 10 pieces and choose the release date. The video format is also supported. “Range” delay – 6 weeks.

Once you have scheduled stories, the schedule for their release is visible to the whole team (and the client, if you provide guest access) in the form of a beautiful calendar.

To use the feature, you should open Instagram on the web and see if your profile has a new “Open Meta Business Suite” button. If it doesn’t, you can access the story planner directly at