TikTok ad settings

Targeted advertising is online advertising that can be shown based on the interests and demographics of the audience, keywords, and other parameters. The algorithms of the advertising platform identify users who may be interested in the product and show ads to this segment.

You can run such ads on different platforms. The main thing is to choose the correct format and set the audience settings.

Creatives for TikTok vertical stories can be static (photos and graphics) or animated (videos). The peculiarity of this format is that users are accustomed to quickly scrolling through the TikTok feed and lingering on each tab for only a few seconds, so it is essential to make the creative so that it grabs attention at first sight and allows you to stay on the ad longer.

The success of your ad depends on every setting you configure. For example, if you specify the audience incorrectly, the site will show the ad to users who may not be interested in your product. And due to the lack of a limit, the budget for a week can be spent in a day. The settings should be taken very carefully.

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