Threads Takes Control: Hidden Words and Post Notification Options Arrive

Get ready to personalize your experience with the latest update.

Threads is rolling out two key features designed to give you more control over what you see and how you interact on the platform.

Ever scrolled through your feed and stumbled upon something you’d rather avoid?

Threads’ new “Hidden Words” feature is here to help.

This handy tool lets you create a custom list of words, phrases, and even emojis that you don’t want to see. From negativity to overused lingo, you can filter out anything that disrupts your positive vibes.

Threads also has a built-in list that automatically hides potentially offensive content, ensuring a generally more civil atmosphere.

Tired of notification overload?

Threads is testing a new feature that allows you to mute notifications for interactions with your posts.

This means you can choose not to be alerted every time someone likes or comments on your content. This way, you can engage with your threads on your own terms, focusing on the conversations that matter most.

These updates are a welcome addition for anyone who wants a more curated and comfortable Threads experience.

So, dive into your settings and start personalizing your feed! Threads is putting you in the driver’s seat of your social experience.