Pinterest Inclusion Fund Gets a Boost with Shopify Partnership

Pinterest is giving its Inclusion Fund a major upgrade, this time teaming up with e-commerce giant Shopify to empower underrepresented creators and businesses.

The Pinterest Inclusion Fund was designed to provide resources and support to content creators from traditionally underrepresented communities on the platform. This expansion broadens the program’s scope to include not just creators, but also small business owners and boutique creator agencies.

The key to this expansion is the collaboration with Shopify’s Build Black & Build Native initiatives. By joining forces, Pinterest and Shopify can offer a more comprehensive toolkit to these underrepresented groups. The program will provide participants with educational resources, mentorship, financial stipends, and access to valuable software tools.

One exciting aspect of the partnership is the ability for participants to integrate their Shopify accounts directly with Pinterest. This integration, along with dedicated training sessions, will equip creators and businesses with the knowledge they need to leverage the strengths of both platforms to maximize their reach and growth.

The Inclusion Fund has also grown geographically. Initially focused on the US and Canada, the program has expanded to include several European countries, with plans for further international growth.

This initiative highlights Pinterest’s commitment to fostering a more inclusive environment for creators and businesses of all backgrounds. By providing the necessary resources and promoting collaboration with industry leaders like Shopify, the Pinterest Inclusion Fund is paving the way for a more diverse and vibrant online community.