Pinterest Unveils New Way to Share Boards on Social Media

Pinterest unveiled a fresh feature that makes sharing your inspiring boards even easier. Gone are the days of simply sending a static link – now you can share dynamic video previews of your collections directly across other social media platforms.

This update is a game-changer for anyone who wants to showcase their creativity and inspire others beyond the Pinterest ecosystem. When you choose to share a board, Pinterest automatically generates a short, eye-catching video. This video teaser will highlight some of the Pins within your collection, giving viewers a glimpse of the treasures you’ve assembled. The video also incorporates a seamless link, allowing viewers to jump directly to the full board on Pinterest with a single tap.

This functionality opens doors for wider audience engagement. Dynamic board previews are a fantastic way to grab attention on other social media platforms. They act as a captivating invitation, enticing viewers to delve deeper into your Pinterest profile and discover the full range of inspiration you’ve curated.

So, the next time you’ve thoroughly crafted a Pinterest board brimming with ideas, don’t hesitate to share it with the world!

With Pinterest’s new feature, you can effortlessly spread inspiration and connect with like-minded individuals across various social media landscapes.