Hashtag Support Coming to Threads Based on Back-End Insights

The Threads team is actively exploring the integration of hashtags. This potential addition could offer an additional avenue for discovering ongoing and popular conversations.

However, there are indications of potential limitations. Threads might be considering implementing a tag limit, possibly unrelated to hashtags, to prevent the misuse of hashtags for “trendjacking” conversations.

The Threads team has expressed reservations about the utility of hashtags, given that users can already search by keyword or topic to find relevant discussions without relying on hashtags. Adding hashtags might not provide significant benefits, and there are concerns about potential misuse, particularly by spammers, scammers, and those posting offensive content seeking greater visibility through unrelated hashtag use.

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri has previously raised concerns about hashtags, citing reasons such as spam and offensive content. This is also why Threads has not introduced a “Trending Topics” listing, as Meta is cautious about emphasizing news content in the app.

Meta’s reluctance to focus on trending new content in Threads may stem from a desire to avoid blame for amplifying questionable content. By not prioritizing news content in its algorithms, Meta can distance itself from potential accusations of encouraging or incentivizing certain posts for traffic.

While Threads has so far leaned towards minimizing the emphasis on trending content, the current user base of 100 million users and the opportunity to pose a substantial threat to competitor X might prompt a shift in strategy.