Our Editors’ Choice ” Watch and be inspired “

Rich McCor – @paperboyo

Rich McCore is a creative photographer and Instagrammer. Each of his frames can be called a work of art without exaggeration. He complements the landscapes with silhouettes cut out of paper. Check out his page for some inspiration.

Seth Phillips – @dudewithsign

Seth Phillips stands out among America’s famous Instagram bloggers for his unique “Poster Dude” style. He is shooting on the streets of New York (or leaning out of the balcony) with cardboard signs on which he writes ironic slogans by hand. Like this one for Independence Day: “No one watches your fireworks videos.” In partnership with WHO, Seth has produced a series of posters to remind people of the precautionary measures in connection with the spread of the coronavirus (“Elbow bumps are the new handshake,” “Good weather does not mean the end of COVID,” and others). Sometimes Seth collaborates with brands or joins mass promotions. But more often than not, his “protests” are joking.

Jose – @naturally.jo

Jose, an 18-year-old Instagram blogger from Peru, has over 1.5 million followers. His work inspires confectioners, food photographers, and designers from all over the world. Every day he creates unique desserts and cocktails and posts photos that get tens of thousands of likes. It is noteworthy that Jose is a vegan and makes all his culinary masterpieces only from dietary products.

Daniel Rueda @drcuerda Anna Devís  @anniset

Anna Davis and Daniel Rueda are a creative duo from Spain. They partner with famous brands such as Facebook, Netflix, and Disney. By profession, Anna and Daniel are architects, but their fame was due to a useful hobby for creative photos.

Rosie Hardy – @georgiarosehardy

Many Instagram bloggers are addicted to posting the same type of selfie, but not Rosie Hardy from the UK. Her feed comprises mystically beautiful self-portraits, which Rosie artistically complements in photo editors. In many publications, Rosie “hides” source frames in a carousel, looking at which one cannot help but admire her skill and imagination.

Steffy Kuncman – @steffy

It’s hard to find an Instagram blogger who loves Halloween, mustard, and orange like Steffy from New York. If we are not mistaken in the calculations, then her ribbon is approximately 80% colored with these shades. Steffy loves vintage style and experiments with hairstyles.

Adam Gallagher – @iamgalla

Popular Instagram blogger from America Adam Gallagher is recognized as an icon of male style. He is the recipient of the prestigious Bloglovin Award. He has collaborated with many brands, such as Timberland, Miansai, and others. Adam’s profile has a lot of photos from his travels and luxurious views of New York.