More Links on YouTube’s Channel Profiles

YouTube is introducing an expanded format for presenting links on channels, granting creators the ability to include a greater number of external links within their channel header.

Now, channel owners have the capability to incorporate as many as 14 links into their channel profiles. This enhancement serves to direct traffic towards diverse destinations such as personal websites, alternate social media profiles, product pages, and more.

Customization of link titles is open to channel proprietors, and each link will be accompanied by a corresponding platform icon within the popup exhibit. This enriched presentation offers a broader array of opportunities to bolster one’s online visibility starting from their YouTube channel, potentially serving as a valuable means to expand connections beyond the platform.

YouTube initially provided a sneak peek of this upgrade in May, as part of a comprehensive overhaul of significant channel components.

Furthermore, YouTube is introducing supplementary channel tabs in a similar vein. For instance, there’s a “Courses” tab tailored for those who offer educational courses, while musicians can benefit from a “Releases” tab to spotlight their latest tracks and albums.

According to YouTube’s plan, the new link presentation format will be accessible to all users by August 23rd.

The underlying concept is to furnish creators with more avenues for external linking, thereby rendering YouTube a more appealing hub. This move is designed to foster a stronger rapport with its prominent content creators by functioning as a growth facilitator, in contrast to isolating each facet of content.