Instagram Threads: What You Need To Know

Instagram Threads was created to provide a dedicated space for sharing photos, videos, messages, and status updates with a select group of people.

It allows you to easily communicate and stay connected with your closest friends, similar to the concept of Snapchat’s close friends feature.

Threads offers quick access to the camera, making it easy to capture photos and videos on the go. You can directly take pictures and send them to your close friends without opening the Instagram main app.

One of the main features of the Threads app is the Close Friends List. This list allows you to select a group of people from your Instagram account with whom you want to share content exclusively on Threads. It ensures that only your close friends have access to your shared posts and updates.

Another interesting feature is the ability to share your current status with your close friends. You can choose from predefined statuses or create a custom status to let your friends know what you’re up to. These statuses can be automatically updated based on your location, activity, or even the device’s battery level.

Instagram Threads puts a strong focus on privacy. By default, only approved close friends can reach out to you on Threads.

Additionally, you have control over who can see your updates and photos in the app.