Instagram introduces a multi-group sharing option for stories

Instagram is taking a step further in promoting more private group sharing by introducing a new feature that allows users to share their Stories with multiple group lists at the same time. This gives you the ability to carefully select who gets to see your updates and better curate your audience.

In addition to the existing “Close Friends” list, which has been available since 2018, Instagram will now display other lists you have created. This means you can share your content with specific groups of people rather than making it available to the public.

This move by Instagram aligns with the evolving way people use social media platforms. As public posting loses its novelty, users increasingly use their social feeds for content discovery and turn to more intimate forms of engagement, such as direct messages and group interactions. By allowing users to share Stories within multiple groups, Instagram is tapping into this trend and maximizing engagement within these enclosed group pods.

Instagram recently introduced the option to share feed posts exclusively with Close Friends to cater to this shift. This provides another avenue for fostering group engagement and deeper connections.

From a brand perspective, this update could be valuable as it offers an opportunity to segment your audience and deliver more tailored updates based on their interests.

The option to share Stories into multiple groups will be gradually rolled out to all Instagram users starting today. So keep an eye out for this new feature as it becomes available to you!