‘Follow’ Search Topics For Regular Updates With Google

Google is introducing enhancements to its Search services designed to provide users with the most recent information on topics of interest. The newly introduced feature, appropriately named Follow, allows users to receive notifications for significant or timely updates within their Follow search criteria. Users have the flexibility to modify or delete their Follow search terms at their convenience.

The rollout of this new feature will occur gradually in the United States on the Google mobile app, as well as on Google Chrome and Apple Safari mobile web browsers in the coming weeks.

Google is broadening the reach of its “Perspectives” filter to desktop Search. This feature highlights relevant social media and forum content directly within Search results, offering users a glimpse of user responses to specific questions. This inclusion of user-generated content adds a more human dimension to particular search outcomes.

Furthermore, Google is currently experimenting with a new “Notes” feature, allowing searchers to share tips and advice regarding web content directly on the Search platform. This capability has the potential to offer additional insights into displayed results and assist users in refining their discovery behaviors.