A New Integration With Music Streaming Platforms Is Coming To TikTok

TikTok is expanding its ties with the music industry through a novel “Add to Music App” feature within the platform.

This option allows users to seamlessly incorporate tracks from TikTok clips into their music library on their preferred streaming service. The process involves a simple tap to add the desired song to platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, or Amazon.

Furthermore, the system adapts to users’ preferences by learning their chosen platform, offering additional choices to save tracks to specific playlists or categories in their libraries.

Recognizing this connection, TikTok recently collaborated with Billboard to introduce the official “TikTok Billboard Top 50 Chart,” showcasing the week’s top trending songs on the platform. The impact of TikTok on the music industry is substantial, prompting artists and music publishers to retrospectively modify song names to align better with in-app usage. Notably, TikTok influencers have leveraged their fame to launch successful music careers.

Given its role in music discovery, direct integration with streaming platforms enhances TikTok’s relevance and positions it as a crucial platform for artists. The introduction of “Add to Music App” is expected to quantify TikTok’s influence on music streams, potentially setting a trend that distinguishes the app from competitors.

While the feature is currently rolling out to TikTok users in the UK and US, more countries are set to follow suit. Although Apple Music is not explicitly mentioned in TikTok’s announcement blog post, it has been confirmed by Music Ally that the service is still included in the feature.