Instagram Lifehacks

1. Advanced search for posts

Best of all, Google searches for Instagram, but it is essential to indicate the correct command in the search line site:“keyword”. Instead of “keyword,” you need to put the search word or phrase.

2. Internal browser history view

You can check the addresses of the sites you visited in the profile menu – Your activity – Links you opened. You can also check your Instagram search history.

3. A way to increase organic reach

Static content should be reformatted into a one-second video and published. The algorithm can decide that this is a video with a very high view to the end and increase its rotation in the feeds.

4. Replies to Instagram comments without Instagram

This feature can be accessed from a smartphone via the Business Suite app. It helps, especially when the ability to reply to messages in Direct is blocked – it remains in the business application.

5. «Popup» on Instagram search

When you long press the magnifying glass icon, not the usual block of recommendations pops up, but the Instagram search menu.